Whistler Retreat 2018

Last weekend we marked another successful year with our annual staff retreat over two nights at the Hilton Whistler.

Despite the rain, on Saturday we enjoyed a variety of activities including mountain biking, bungee jumping, ATVing, Golfing, and massages at the spa. After an afternoon fun, our group met for a delicious three-course meal at Quattro Whistler. The smart ones called it a night after dinner, while everyone else got a little wild at Buffalo Bills, and tore up the dance floor into the wee hours of the morning.

Lots of laughing, a ton of dancing, and an overall great time. This retreat gave us a chance to connect and let loose with the people we work with every day, away from the demands of our work!

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Nik goes bungee jumping Tyler, Dixon, Pras, and John on an ATV Adventure